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Website Uptime Monitoring.  Generate automatic alerts to the people that need to know if your site is down.  Report on uptime, and trends.
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Monitoring websites:
Doctor Uptime™
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Doctor Uptime™ can
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How it works Server Centers

Real Time Status
Using our proprietary software we monitor your site constantly. And we don't just check it with one monitor, we use multiple monitors spread out across the country to all check and tell us if your site is responding.
Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alerts are your lifeline to your website. They are there to notify you the second you have an outage. Alerts can be sent to your email, or cell phone. Quick alerts are key to emergency website resolution.
Performance Reports
We collect and track uptime and performance information about your website constantly. Even when you site is responding, we are gathering useful information that can assist you and your team to improve your website's performance.
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