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Big data and monitoring
Created: January 30, 2013 20:54pm - Last Modified January 30, 2013 21:08pm

So Netasure has big data, and we are currently undergoing some major enhancements to better optimize this data for a more responsive view. If you have signed into the account dashboard lately, you have probably had to wait for twenty seconds or so. This is not ideal, and we are working hard to fix it.

I wanted to briefly describe why we are experiencing this issue, as well as what our current thinking is on a solid resolution.

First, due to the many thousands of websites that our monitors are tracking every minute of every day, we have a database and data set that grows rapidly. We are pleased with the ability of our website monitors to robustly monitor, we now just have a data aggregation issue as this data has accumulated.

Never fear, we are not without solutions. First will be to directly tabulate historical results for faster tabulation and calculation. Since any historical data will not be subject to change, we can optimize the storage mechanism quite a bit, by storing one record where many are currently.

Now you might wonder, how will this affect reporting? Well it will speed up reports, but won't change the granularity currently available. Basically we can show the same results in our reports as we are currently, and provide the same relevance with fewer rows.

As we transition the data, we'll be taking it in steps starting with the oldest data, and moving forward. We hop that this ensures maximum impact for our clients and their monitored sites. Upward and onward, and did we mention upward!


Affiliate Marketing Assurance with Netasure
Created: December 4, 2011 22:16pm - Last Modified December 4, 2011 22:24pm

Over the past few months we have talked a bit about your site, the key items to expect from a hosting company and some of the tips and tricks that you as a site owner can implement to improve the performance of your website. Today I want to address one of the less known, yet very valuable elements of the Netasure™ Website Uptime Monitoring service and how it relates to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, is the practice when one Merchant or Brand pays or rewards one or more affiliate for each consumer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. You as an affiliate pay significant amounts of money and may use both online and offline advertising methods to drive consumers to a particular website. The end result is that affiliates are paid when consumers purchase products or services from that particular merchant.

The Risk in Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate of any merchant there are many inherent risks that you take. One of the most significant risks that I want to address today is that, you as an affiliate, must put your confidence and trust in the merchant's website for which you are sending traffic. You must trust that the traffic that you are sending is first and foremost being received by the merchant and that you will be paid for your efforts. Many times unbeknownst to the affiliate, merchants will bring down their websites, perform maintenance or upgrades, make small tweaks and changes without ever notifying or telling their trusting affiliates that the site is down or out of commission. These outages can go on for minutes, hours and even sometimes days. As an affiliate you run the risk of spending your advertising money frivolously, sending traffic to a site that is out of commission or unable to even accept traffic. Typically when this happens you are told that there were "no conversions" for a specific time-frame, that your "conversion ratio" had suddenly dropped or that "something seemed to happened to your traffic." The blame is put on you the affiliate and thus the merchant does not have to pay for or accept any of the traffic you drove to that website. You the affiliate are never told that there was a problem with the website, and that you could have continued to earn money and diverted your traffic to another merchant or website that could have accepted the consumers during that time-frame.

The Netasure™ Website Monitoring Solution

Netasure™ has invested significant time and effort into developing a website monitoring system to immediately alert you when your merchant website is down. It's simple and with no code to implement you can be up and running monitoring any site you want within minutes. Simply tell us the sites you want to track and we remotely monitor them from up to eight different locations across the United States each and every minute. You immediately eliminate the run-around game and we tell you exactly when the merchants website goes down, when it is slow to respond or experiencing difficulty. You are alerted via SMS and email to help eliminate the lost time, effort and expense of driving traffic to a merchant that isn't able to accept your traffic. The flipside to this great service is that for as little as $4.95/month you also gain the great peace of mind and confidence in those merchants who are continually up and running and don't waste your hard earned advertising dollars. At the end of the day, being a well-informed affiliate is absolutely the greatest key to your success.

Click here to take advantage of this great service and receive a free 30 day money back guarantee with no long term contracts.


Your website, your uptime
Created: November 30, 2011 16:05pm - Last Modified December 4, 2011 22:24pm

One of the first questions that I get asked is "What will I do if my site goes down?". It is a great question and one that warrants an answer. Now first of all, by way of caveat, I should make it clear that my purpose here is not to create a game plan for you, or even suggest you do things that you aren't sure about yourself, but merely to present options, and there are lots of them.

Before I jump in, let me talk about a similar subject, one that might be more close to home. Your heart. Now we all have one, and unless you are a vampire there is a good chance it is still beating. A heart can beat up to 86,000 times per day. Even when you are resting, your heart is hard at work keeping you alive.

Now imagine your heart were only going to work 99% of the time. At first 99% looks like a sufficient amount to keep you alive. Well when we look at the numbers, that equals 864 seconds. That is over 14 minutes! 14 MINUTES. If this happened your chances of survival would be next to zero. Even at 99.9% your heart would be stopped for almost a minute and a half, extremely dangerous!

Now this example might be a bit extreme, but it conveys something critical, something that I hope you won't soon forget. 99% isn't good enough, and 99.9% isn't either. If you do business online, your website is the heart of your company. Don't let 99% be what you offer your customers, because that is as good as dead.

So now that I have conveyed what I hope is an expectation, I want to move on to the critical discussion at hand. What are the options available to you if you find out your site is performing below 100%?

The Major Move

I will start with the most obvious and also the most dramatic change. A heart replacement, or in other words, switching hosting companies. Now this is usually a last consideration after exhausting other options. It is expensive, can produce unknown results, and takes a good amount of planning and preparation. Netasure can help you with this type of move, however I don't want to make it sound like it is a fairy tale ending by any means. It could end up that you find yourself down as much at your new host as before. Never the less, keep it as an arrow in your quiver of options.

Bit o' Change

Sometimes even better than switching hosts, is to request a switch to a new less crowded server. Most hosting companies are more than happy to accommodate if you present them with facts about the performance of the current server you are on. Typical hosting companies today support large data centers, and your site resides primarily on one server. Even in the case of cloud computing, there is a master server that controls the bulk of your site traffic.

Each server is unique, and can experience unique hardware and software issues. Your entire experience could simply be a failing piece of hardware or software. A switch to another server in their data center can be performed by them quickly, and cause you next to zero additional hassle. Low hassle, good outcome? Sounds like another option to keep in mind.

Deadlines not Performance

Your website, the pages, are most likely coded by guys who might not know everything there is to know about web performance. Their goal is first and foremost to get the page done by their deadline. This can lead to code bloat, and pages that under-perform. What is even trickier about this is that it can be very difficult to track as these changes bloat over time, and can be extremely hard to detect.

Netasure offers unique tools to combat this type of code bloat. Not only will you be able to see what these slight code changes are doing over time, but you can pinpoint problematic page releases that decreased your overall performance. Also you can pinpoint specific pages that might be taking extra time to load. These tools allow you to be a surgeon rather than a tree cutter with your website. Pinpoint the problem, fix it, and move on. Netasure can help with that.

So let your web developers continue to focus on their deadlines, and we will keep you in the know if they roll something out that doesn't meet your high expectations.

Dead code

If your site has been around a while, you likely have images and style sheets that don't get used. Not only will this greatly slow down your site, but it will cause your clients to wait longer for a page load, which in turn means that you might lose them to your faster loading competition.

I think it is safe to say that we have all visited a site that never finishes loading. We wait and we wait for some resource to be delivered and it takes forever. Now you can make sure that isn't your site. We have powerful configurations that can be set for each of your sites to make sure it responds quickly. Don't be the company running a slow site, find out today with Netasure.

To wrap up...

There are 4 good things to consider and evaluate if your site goes down. And best of all Netasure can help you with knowing which of the 4 are most likely to solve your issue. We want to be your partner in website performance. By providing you with powerful monitoring, in depth reports, and an unparalleled monitoring network, we can assure you that with Netasure, your site will perform well.

So give us a try, you won't regret it. Hope to see you soon, on your account dashboard...

Dr. Uptime™


Why is website uptime monitoring a must?
Created: August 1, 2011 17:35pm - Last Modified November 30, 2011 17:03pm

Your site is your gateway to online viewers. It not only communicates your offering, but also your professionalism. Don't look like an out of touch company by not even knowing if it is up.

Having a site that goes down costs you money. It lessens your traffic, lowers your search ranking, and even causes sales to go to a competitor. Minimizing your downtime is as important is making sure your registers are working, and that you can take credit cards at your point of sale.

So how can you know if your site is down? Netasure™ offers a great solution for site uptime monitoring. Not only do we monitor your site from across the country. By monitoring it from multiple locations constantly, you know when you are down to the world versus when you are just unable to connect from your one location.

Now hosting companies try to offer this service to their clients. It doesn't work for a few reasons.

1. They monitor from within their own network. When their network goes down, they can't communicate this to you. It doesn't protect you against their downtime.

2. They have reasons to want you to not know how much time you are down for. They want to keep their numbers high, so they try to inflate their 99.9% uptime promises. In actuality, they will do whatever they can to tell you are up when in fact you may not be.

3. When they are down, they are compromised from communicating effectively. Typically their phone lines will be slammed with other clients, so it is more difficult getting help.

Netasure monitoring avoids all of these weaknesses and offers you a unbiased, constantly monitoring, uptime snapshot of your server. We can even help protect you against hacks and performance issues that slow down your site.

If you don't already have monitoring with Netasure, don't delay, get started today with Netasure.


After we had a few embarrassing hardware failures that we didn't know about for nearly a day, I signed us up for Netasure website monitoring. Two months later I began noticing that we had a server that was having issues, and it let me fix it proactively. Thanks Netasure.

Brady, SLC, UT

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