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Affiliate Marketing Assurance with Netasure

Over the past few months we have talked a bit about your site, the key items to expect from a hosting company and some of the tips and tricks that you as a site owner can implement to improve the performance of your website. Today I want to address one of the less known, yet very valuable elements of the Netasure™ Website Uptime Monitoring service and how it relates to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, is the practice when one Merchant or Brand pays or rewards one or more affiliate for each consumer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. You as an affiliate pay significant amounts of money and may use both online and offline advertising methods to drive consumers to a particular website. The end result is that affiliates are paid when consumers purchase products or services from that particular merchant.

The Risk in Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate of any merchant there are many inherent risks that you take. One of the most significant risks that I want to address today is that, you as an affiliate, must put your confidence and trust in the merchant's website for which you are sending traffic. You must trust that the traffic that you are sending is first and foremost being received by the merchant and that you will be paid for your efforts. Many times unbeknownst to the affiliate, merchants will bring down their websites, perform maintenance or upgrades, make small tweaks and changes without ever notifying or telling their trusting affiliates that the site is down or out of commission. These outages can go on for minutes, hours and even sometimes days. As an affiliate you run the risk of spending your advertising money frivolously, sending traffic to a site that is out of commission or unable to even accept traffic. Typically when this happens you are told that there were "no conversions" for a specific time-frame, that your "conversion ratio" had suddenly dropped or that "something seemed to happened to your traffic." The blame is put on you the affiliate and thus the merchant does not have to pay for or accept any of the traffic you drove to that website. You the affiliate are never told that there was a problem with the website, and that you could have continued to earn money and diverted your traffic to another merchant or website that could have accepted the consumers during that time-frame.

The Netasure™ Website Monitoring Solution

Netasure™ has invested significant time and effort into developing a website monitoring system to immediately alert you when your merchant website is down. It's simple and with no code to implement you can be up and running monitoring any site you want within minutes. Simply tell us the sites you want to track and we remotely monitor them from up to eight different locations across the United States each and every minute. You immediately eliminate the run-around game and we tell you exactly when the merchants website goes down, when it is slow to respond or experiencing difficulty. You are alerted via SMS and email to help eliminate the lost time, effort and expense of driving traffic to a merchant that isn't able to accept your traffic. The flipside to this great service is that for as little as $4.95/month you also gain the great peace of mind and confidence in those merchants who are continually up and running and don't waste your hard earned advertising dollars. At the end of the day, being a well-informed affiliate is absolutely the greatest key to your success.

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I used AlertSite for years before switching to Netasure, better service for a better price.

Keith T., Beaumont, TX

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