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Why is website uptime monitoring a must?

Your site is your gateway to online viewers. It not only communicates your offering, but also your professionalism. Don't look like an out of touch company by not even knowing if it is up.

Having a site that goes down costs you money. It lessens your traffic, lowers your search ranking, and even causes sales to go to a competitor. Minimizing your downtime is as important is making sure your registers are working, and that you can take credit cards at your point of sale.

So how can you know if your site is down? Netasure™ offers a great solution for site uptime monitoring. Not only do we monitor your site from across the country. By monitoring it from multiple locations constantly, you know when you are down to the world versus when you are just unable to connect from your one location.

Now hosting companies try to offer this service to their clients. It doesn't work for a few reasons.

1. They monitor from within their own network. When their network goes down, they can't communicate this to you. It doesn't protect you against their downtime.

2. They have reasons to want you to not know how much time you are down for. They want to keep their numbers high, so they try to inflate their 99.9% uptime promises. In actuality, they will do whatever they can to tell you are up when in fact you may not be.

3. When they are down, they are compromised from communicating effectively. Typically their phone lines will be slammed with other clients, so it is more difficult getting help.

Netasure monitoring avoids all of these weaknesses and offers you a unbiased, constantly monitoring, uptime snapshot of your server. We can even help protect you against hacks and performance issues that slow down your site.

If you don't already have monitoring with Netasure, don't delay, get started today with Netasure.

Last modified: 2011-11-30 17:03:27


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Name: James Michael (391 weeks, 1 day ago)
Looks promising, I am trying out your basic package for now, see how it goes.

After we had a few embarrassing hardware failures that we didn't know about for nearly a day, I signed us up for Netasure website monitoring. Two months later I began noticing that we had a server that was having issues, and it let me fix it proactively. Thanks Netasure.

Brady, SLC, UT

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