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I used AlertSite for years before switching to Netasure, better service for a better price.

Keith T., Beaumont, TX

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How does your site rank on uptime? Most companies believe that their site is always available, however it isn't. Whether it is a planned network outage, or a hosting company failure, or even a compromised website, companies typically won't have a way to quantify how long they were down, and how much lost revenue that could potentially have cost them.
Well Netasure has a solution, and a cost effective one at that. We will monitor your site constantly and notify you if there are problems. You will now know when your site goes down, and for how long. No more sitting in the dark wondering if your site is healthy. Now you will know. Netasure is like the heartbeat monitor a doctor hooks up to a patient. Sure without it they may be fine, but then again, what if they aren't. Never have your website be in the dark to you. Know immediately how often it is available.

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