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About Us

Netasure is based out of Lehi, Utah. With over thirty years of collective technical experience, we provide the premiere website monitoring. We believe in a better Internet, and love spending our days rolling out great new features and tools to help our clients maximize their value online. Other companies try to imitate us, but none can compare with the expertise, tools, and assistance offered at Netasure.

Netasure employs full time Technologists and Network experts to oversee the monitoring program, and ensure it meets the highest standards anywhere. As you progress through the program you will almost certainly become more aware of your website, and what drives your success. It is the first step to long term website improvement and assurance plan.

What makes us different

Some monitoring services focus on downtime to deliver value. We fundamentally believe we can provide your company valuable information both when your site is functioning as normal, as well as when it has outages. We have worked hard to develop the best tools in the industry for collecting, reporting, and alerting you about your website's performance and uptime. Don't be in the dark anymore, don't lose any more money to downtime, get Netasure and let us be your monitoring partner to keep you on the best path to profitability with your online website.

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