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I used AlertSite for years before switching to Netasure, better service for a better price.

Keith T., Beaumont, TX

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Continuously monitoring your server from across the USA. Immediately know if anything happens to your website.

1) Powerful tools come standard

  1. Update your monitored websites whenever you want.
  2. Flexible alert settings. You can set up multiple alerts and timeframes for notification. For example have your front line tech alerted once a site goes down, and if it is down for 15 minutes notify a supervisor.
  3. SMS and Email alerts can be sent out.
  4. Change the monitoring settings to allow for a longer timeout, or forwarding options
  5. Configurable blackout periods. Going to have a planned outage for maintenance? Temporarily turn off your monitoring so we don't send you needless messages.
  6. No transaction fees for SMS messages to your phone. Other providers offer low cost/free plans and then charge you for each message.
No Setup Required
Instantly after setting up your Netasure Account we begin monitoring your site. Zero configuration, zero hassle, zero technical involvement. You can immediately see your website uptime information collected.

2) Reporting and statistics all the time

  1. Track and trend your sites response time to requests.
  2. Simple to quantify percentages for total site uptime provided to make it easy to analyze your websites health.
  3. Real time report updating, immediate access to your data.
  4. Advanced reporting on page load, and page size.

3) Access to your information 24/7:

  1. Access to your account management 24/7.
  2. Scheduled reports sent when you want them, how you want them.
  3. Easy to use diagnostics and recommendations available for each site.
  4. Responsive customer support requests.
Let us do the heavy lifting
We use specialized software specifically designed to monitor website health and performance in real time. By using Netasure to monitor your website, you gain access to our vast expertise in the area of website monitoring.

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